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Chuck Lawsen is a freelance scenic and travel photographer specializing in images of Arizona and the Southwest. From classic scenes to innovative compositions, his images capture the beauty and essence of the land. He bought his first SLR camera in 1970 and was amazed at the seemingly limitless photo opportunities it offered. Up until now he was borrowing his parents Kodak “Instamatic”, which had no manual controls. This piqued his interest in photography that eventually evolved into a career. After taking a series of photography courses in college, he set a goal to someday be published in the Arizona Highways Magazine, and at the time they preferred images made with a large format view camera, not unlike the kind Ansel Adams used. Chuck has used film formats from large to small and now has progressed to the digital world. He has developed new skills to utilize this new technology starting with the initial capture through final preparation using a photo editor. Since 2001 he has also expanded his career by leading photo workshops. Most workshops are 5 days long and the participants receive a great deal of instruction that is two fold: how to shoot great images and some basic skills on how to prepare them through photo editing. Chuck enjoys producing images that make a strong visual impact that not only evoke an appreciation of nature, but hopefully also create an awareness of the importance to preserve our land and its resources. Each year civilization’s expansion encroaches on our wild lands and its’ natural inhabitants. “My desire is to help raise an interest to find a reasonable balance between commerce and ecology, which is vital for our future generations”. His work has been frequently published in Arizona Highways’ magazine, calendars, and books, as well as a number of different publishers including: Arizona Secretary of State’s Bluebook, Alaskan Airlines, American Southwest Calendar, Avalanche Publishing, Brown & Bigelow Publishing, Golden Turtle Publishing, Impact Photographics, KC Publications, Magnalite Distributors, Northland Publishing, RCI’s Endless Vacation Magazine, Smith-Southwestern, Towery Publications, and Travel Holiday.

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